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Régine FABRI
Botanist, Former head of the Library

CONTACT : Régine Fabri +32 2 260.09.29

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After having used the library since 1975 as a botanist for my own researches (thesis on the diatoms as bioindicators, then study of the Apiaceae of the Belgian flora), I became scientific librarian in 1993, and in 2003 responsible of the service Library and Archives of the National Botanic Garden of Belgium.

The management of one of the biggest botanical libraries in Europe, as in the world, is a big deal. I lived the transition between card files and the online catalogue, and now our new challenge is the digitisation of the collections and the creation of a virtual library.

I regularly compile publication lists for the biographical notices of old botanists or dead collaborators of the Botanic Garden. I am writing the history of the vasculum or botanical collecting box. I am also working on the valorisation of our valuable books collection, namely the history of the nature printing, an ancestral method to print plant illustrations using the plants self.