Ann Bogaerts

Scientific manager and Head of the herbarium
Department: Collections
Phone: +32 2 260 09 57


Ann Bogaerts

The Herbarium of Meise Botanic Garden houses almost 4 million specimens of vascular plants, fungi, lichens, mosses, algae and myxomycetes. Together with their associated material such as field books, slides, and drawings it belongs to one of the largest herbaria of Europe.

Our job as scientific manager of the herbarium is to preserve, maintain, develop and valorise the collections. We are amongst others responsible for  

  • Specimen acquisition, loans, exchanges, inventory and record keeping, and collection conservation (pest control, specimen repair, etc.).
  • Supporting specimen databases and digitization projects.
  • Supporting the use of the collection in specimen-based research.
  • Arranging appointments for visitors; providing orientation to new visitors, assisting visitors, and developing and implementing visitor and usage policies.
  • Training and leading a team of herbarium technicians.
  • Promoting the visibility of the herbarium collection through public engagement activities such as tours, presentations and citizen science.


  • MSc, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium, 1996

Employment history

  • Research scientist, Meise Botanic Garden, 1997 - 2000
  • Assistant Scientific Manager of the cryptogam herbarium, 2000 - 2012
  • Scientific Manager of the Herbarium, 2013 - now
  • Head of the Herbarium, 2014 - now

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