A brand new coffee bar in Meise Botanic Garden

In KAWA you will discover ànd taste delicious coffee from all over the world. Enjoy a special cup of coffee with a sweet treat during your visit. Moreover, many of the ingredients are sourced directly from our own Culinary Garden.

We make the difference in coffee

Meise Botanic Garden is a specialist in coffee. We have been researching coffee plants for decades - one of our researchers even discovered a new coffee plant species in 2021. Because more than 60% of wild coffee species are threatened with extinction, Meise Botanic Garden is fully committed to the preservation of plants around the world. With KAWA we go back to the roots of coffee: as the original name for coffee from Turkish and Arabic it’s also referring to its origin in Ethiopia. 

Original coffee flavours

Stop by for a coffee moment or take a break during your visit to the Botanic Garden. In KAWA, you will find the delicious coffee of roaster OR, as well as sweet snacks. And a nice library with plant books. Did you know that we also get ingredients from our Culinary Garden?

Opening hours KAWA

March - October
open every day from 11 am until closure Domain

November - February
Mon - Fri: from 11 am until closure Domain
Sat - Sun: closed

You will find KAWA at the ‘Pachthof’ (the farmstead), in the former Garden shop.