Agency Meise Botanic Garden

Who we are, what we stand for

Since 1 January 2014, the Botanic Garden officially bears the name "Agentschap Plantentuin Meise"; the Flemish government manages the Botanic Garden. Some 190 staff members work on the site, including around 30 from the French Community. The scientific patrimony (library, herbarium, living collections) is largely federal and on loan to the Botanic Garden.


Composition of the Board of directors
Composition of the Scientific Council
Composition of the Executive Board

Mission Statement

Building a sustainable future through discovery, research, and conservation of plants..

How do we fulfil our mission? Read about it in our annual report 


All employees of the Botanic Garden work together on 1 mission. We have an eye for sustainability. We all bear responsibility for a healthy environment. We set an example and are a reference inside and outside our sector. We respect diversity and value the individuality of all the people we come into contact with. We also pay attention to the less fortunate in our society. We stand for open communication and correct service. We always keep in mind the needs and expectations of our customers, internal and external. We strive for excellence and achieve our goals in an efficient, honest, and quality manner. We are open to constructive feedback, both from within and external.

Our values are a guide for all employees of the Botanic Garden. We all work together to achieve the mission of the Botanic Garden and we put our values into practice in our daily work.