Getting started as a volunteer

Lending a hand

There is always a shortage of helping hands at the Botanic Garden: keeping the grounds in tip-top shape and looking after our immense plant collection, at events and workshops, digitising the herbarium, as support for our scientists...

More than 250100 volunteers give their best every day to get the job done alongside our permanent staff. Would you like to work with us towards a green future?

Then register for one of our information sessions

We are now looking for volunteers for:

  • Visitors' reception: providing information, taking surveys.
  • Animators: guiding (children's) activities during our events.
  • Plant care: assisting gardeners with the maintenance of the plant collections, both in the greenhouses and outside.
  • Culinary Garden: assisting people with disabilities in working in the kitchen garden. Experience is a plus. Or helping our educational staff to guide primary school classes.

Thank you for your commitment!

Being a volunteer at the Botanic Garden is a great way to share your knowledge with others, meet new people, and learn about plants.

As a volunteer you are part of the Botanic Garden team. "Together for one mission" is our motto. As a thank you for your dedication, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Free entrance for yourself and 3 people who can come with you. This is also valid for events
  • 20% discount in the Garden Shop and on workshops or courses organised by the Botanic Garden
  • Meals in the staff restaurant at staff rate
  • Transport allowance
  • Various extra activities