Our research

Renowned centre of excellence in plant diversity 

Meise Botanic Garden is an internationally renowned centre of excellence for plant diversity research, conservation, and documentation. With a living collection of 20,000 plant species, a herbarium with 4 million preserved specimens, and an extensive archive and botanical library, we are among the largest botanic gardens in the world.

Our science centres on collection-based research of plant diversity, evolution, ecology, and conservation. We study a wide range of taxonomic groups, including plants, algae, fungi, and lichens from Europe, Central Africa, Antarctica, and other parts of the world.

Exploring biodiversity

Our scientists use the extensive collections and cutting-edge techniques to explore biodiversity and answer fundamental questions on its origin, and to understand how ecosystems function in a changing world.

The research in Meise Botanic Garden contributes to the development of tools for the conservation of plants. Our scientists’ ability to identify plants, even from tiny or ancient remains, contributes to fields as diverse as forensic investigation, archaeology, ethnomycology, monitoring of biological water quality, sustainable logging, and studies of crop wild relatives.