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[Science News] - In search of wild bananas in Australia

A scientist from Meise Botanic Garden, in collaboration with other partners, has embarked on an expedition to Australia in search of the genetic ancestor of the edible banana and other wild banana species...

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News Fri 23 Jun

[Science news] - River valleys extremely important in tropical rainforest

Researchers from Marburg University and Meise Botanic Garden showed that many species seek refuge in steep river valleys where daily mist is a source of moisture...

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News Mon 12 Jun
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News Wed 31 May
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News Fri 26 May

[Science news] - New publication : Global strategy for the conservation and use of Vigna

The Global strategy for the conservation and use of Vigna aims to provide a framework for the efficient and effective ex situ conservation of globally important collections of Vigna crops and their wild relatives...

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