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Plants are our source of oxygen, of food, and of beauty.  We cannot live without them. Do you want to do something to protect the plants of this world for future generations? Then make a donation*! You will be supporting our work: small or large, every euro helps.

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Where will your donation go?

  • €10 = All plants in our collection are labelled and the information is stored in our database. With your €10 we can give a plant a name tag.
  • €40  = In the seed bank we carry out germination tests to ensure the quality of the seeds we keep. With your contribution of €40 we will be able to perform a test for 100 seeds.
  • €75 = Many plants have specific needs. Each cubic metre of adapted potting soil and fertilizer costs €75.
  • €100 = With your €100 we can collect seeds of an endangered plant species in Belgium and store them in our seed bank long term.
  • €200 = We keep planting young trees to expand our collection. Your €200 will get a new tree a place in Meise Botanic Garden.

*Gifts of €40 or more are tax-deductible.

Do you want a lasting memory of someone dear? Or to adopt your favourite plant and do your bit for its care? Or an original gift to celebrate an important event in your life? 

If you want to donate a larger amount, start a fundraising campaign, or support a project along with others, please contact us and together we will see what is possible. 

I would like to discuss my proposal with you and fill in the contact form.

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