Mouth-watering fruit and veg

Culinary Garden

The former walled vegetable garden of Meise Castle, located behind the Orangery, was originally created around 1818. For more than a hundred years, it supplied vegetables, cut flowers, and herbs for the noble family that lived here. Since 2021, it has been redesigned as a Culinary Garden.

Here you can learn more about what was eaten in our regions throughout history - from the time of the hunter-gatherers to today. Part of the garden is dedicated to Belgian food culture: why we became the land of beer and fries, or how chicory and Brussels sprouts conquered the world from here.

This garden also aims to encourage you to grow your own vegetables and herbs, even if you only have a balcony or terrace at home. 

The Culinary Garden also serves as a community garden: schools and groups can come and learn about gardening or even cook in the outdoor kitchen.