LIFE+11NAT/BE/001060 - LIFE Herbages (2013-2020)

Grassland restoration


LIFE is the European funding program aimed at supporting nature, environment, and climate policy. The project 'LIFE+11NAT/BE/001060 - LIFE Herbages' was successfully completed in June 2020. The project focused on 400ha of sensitive grasslands in Belgian Lorraine and to the south of the Ardennes. The aim was to strengthen the remaining populations of rare plants and to restore extinct populations through reintroduction, thus improving connectivity in the landscape.

This was done through an integrated approach, using both in situ and ex situ conservation techniques. LIFE funds were used to restore 11 different grassland types, six of which are priority habitats such as xeric calcareous grasslands on sandy soils, semi-natural dry grasslands on calcareous substrates, and species-rich Nardus grasslands. As a centre of expertise in ex situ conservation,Meise Botanic Garden was responsible for the reintroduction and enhancement of five target species: Dianthus deltoides, Petrorhagia prolifera, Helichrysum arenarium, Campanula glomerata, and Arnica montana