General press information file about the Botanic Garden Meise

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Annual report 2020 (PDF, 13 Mo) - SCRIBD - ISSUU 

Older annual reports

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Latest press releases

  • The micro life in Antarctica is more unique and richer than expected (25/01/2021)
  • The origin of green seaweeds and their role in the early evolution of animals elucidated (08/01/2020)
  • Microcostatus elisabethianus, a new micro-alga dedicated to the Belgian Princess Elisabeth (28/11/2019)
  • The Meise Botanical Garden will soon make accessible a 200-year-old Brazilian collection (08/06/2018) - French / Dutch
  • Launch of the platform (21/03/2018) - French / Dutch
  • The titan arum is in flower ( (16/02/2018) - French / Dutch
  • Eighth expected flowering of a titan arum at the Meise Botanical Garden (12/02/2018) - French / Dutch
  • The future of digitization of museum collections From "WeDigBio"... to "DoeDat" (23/01/2018) - French / Dutch
  • Onderzoeker Plantentuin ontdekt nieuwe algensoort in Antarctica (12/01/2018) - Dutch
  • 2017, another record year for Botanical Garden Meise! (02/01/2018) French / Dutch
  • Opening of the Tropical Greenhouses in the Palais des Plantes renovated (24/09/2017) French / Dutch
  • 1.2 million collection pieces digitized within one year! (16/06/2017) Dutch
  • Double flowering of the Arum titan (10/04/2017) French / Dutch
  • Botanical Expedition Catalogs, Travel Between Art and Science (08/03/2017) French / Dutch


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