LIFE19NAT/BE/000093 - LIFE Connexions (2021-2027)

Reintroduction of species


LIFE is the European funding program aimed at supporting nature, environment, and climate policy. The project 'LIFE19NAT/BE/000093 - LIFE Connexions' focuses on 500ha of limestone grasslands in Wallonia and Northern France. The aim is to connect these habitats and to preserve the characteristic plant species. 

Meise Botanic Garden is contributing to this project by reintroducing 14 species that are characteristic of limestone grasslands in different areas of the Meuse basin. Five species will be reintroduced as young plants (Gentiana cruciata, Gentianopsis ciliata, Pulsatilla vulgaris, Salvia pratensis, and Trifolium montanum) and 9 species (including some orchids) will be sown in situ.