Help us preserve seeds

The Seed Bank

Half of the 1300 plant species in our part of the world are threatened with extinction. Protecting plants in their natural environment can slow down that process.

The Botanic Garden Seed Bank – the only one in Belgium – is plan B to safeguard the valuable biodiversity of wild plants in Belgium for future generations. We already store 500 species, dried and at a low temperature, so that they remain viable for at least 100 years. To check this, we carry out regular germination tests.

What do we do with your donation?

• With € 40 we can carry out a germination test. 
• With € 100 we can collect the seeds of one endangered species.

Thanks to the donations made in 2018, the seeds of the marsh helleborine, the yellow star-of-Bethlehem, the yellow bird's-nest and another 7 endangered species were included in the Seed Bank. With your donation, we can continue to expand the seed collection. Every gift is welcome!