All year round we favour our VIPS

Become a Friend of the Garden

Do you love Meise Botanic Garden and do you regularly visit to enjoy our green oasis? Then a Friends Pass is really the answer for you. As a friend you will have access to the Botanic Garden for a year. So much to discover in every season! In addition, you have many exclusive benefits, such as 1 hour earlier access to the park!

Also a great idea for a gift!

There are different formulas: treat yourself, each other or your family to a year of botanics fun! For grandparents there is the Grandchildren Pass, a handy pass for 10 times access.  

We cherish the ambassadors of our Botanic Garden! Your contribution helps us to do even better in our research, collection management and visitor offerings. Join us and let our group of friends grow!


Friends Pass Individual 
valid for the card holder (= 1 person over 18 years old)


Friends Pass Duo
valid for the card holder (= 1 person over the age of 18)
+ 1 additional person (over the age of 18) living under the same roof 


Friends Pass Family 1 
valid for the card holder (= 1 parent)
+ resident children under 18 years of age


Friends Pass Family 2 
valid for the card holder (= 1 parent)
+ second parent and resident children under 18 years of age


Grandchildren Pass 
only for grandparents with a Friends Pass


 Buy your Friends Pass now

Residents of Meise

As a resident of Meise, you are entitled to a free Friends Card. Go to the ticket office and get your free Friends Card! Bring an identity card for each family member older than 5 years.

Grandchildren Pass

For proud grandparents with a Friends Pass, we have worked out a nice formula: a handy pass for 10 times access that is valid for one year. You pay €20. This enables you to visit ten times with one grandchild or once with ten grandchildren :-). The Grandchildren's Pass is only for sale at the cash desk upon presentation of your Friends Pass. The The Grandchildren's Pass is not valid for special events.

Day ticket refunded

Enjoyed your day? Can’t get enough of the Botanic Garden? If you buy a Friend Pass at the ticket counter on the day of your visit, you get a discount equal to the price of your day ticket.

Friends of the Garden receive

  • Our friends have exclusive access to the outdoor collections of the Botanic Garden between 9 and 10 a.m. 
  • The card holder receives 3 free tickets a year to give a friend or family member the opportunity to discover the Botanic Garden.
  • You will receive an invitation to an exclusive friends' day full of exciting activities for young and old.
  • At special events such as the WinterFloridylle and Wonderweekend you get a nice discount for friends. The Friends Pass does not give free admission to these types of events.
  • You enjoy a 10% discount in the Garden Shop and when participating in workshops organised by the Botanic Garden.
  • Every season you will receive an exclusive newsletter with news about the ins and outs of Meise botanic garden.

On top of that, you also have benefits at partner gardens:

Access to the Arboretum Kalmthout (not at events). 


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