[Science news] - 14th European Diatom Meeting at Meise Botanic Garden

Fri 12 May

The 14th European Diatom Meeting (EDM) took place from 9 to 11 May 2023 at Meise Botanic Garden. The symposium, organized by Bart Van de Vijver, Myriam de Haan and Christine Cocquyt, brought together scientists from all over Europe and further afield to discuss a broad range of topics in diatom research: morphology, taxonomy, biogeography, physiology, (paleo)ecology of terrestrial, freshwater and marine diatoms. The meeting has been organized in memory of Luc Ector who organized the (C)EDM meeting in 2019 in Luxemburg, and who suddenly and too early passed away in April 2022. 

This symposium was an opportunity for experts in the field to come together and discuss the latest research and developments in the study of diatoms. The symposium provided a platform for researchers to exchange ideas and foster collaborations, which will hopefully contribute to a better understanding of these microscopic organisms and their significance in the natural world.

The conference started with the opening ceremony and a welcome address from Dr Frederik Leliaert, Director of Collections at Meise Botanic Garden, and the conference organizers. The programme, available online, was particularly diverse and brought together no less than 120 diatomists from all over the world. Each session, introduced by a keynote lecture, was followed by several conference sessions. In total 29 topics were presented discussing diatom systematics, diversity, ecology and paleoecology. During the coffee breaks and a specially organized poster session, 50 posters were presented. Despite the charged programme, there was ample opportunity for informal discussions between researchers around a cup of coffee.

The conference ended with a one-day workshop on the European species of the genus Brachysira, attended by more than 40 participants.