COST Action CA18201 Conserve Plants (2019-2023)

Sharing our knowledge internationally


COST stands for 'Cooperation in Science & Technology'. The main aim of these EU-funded projects is to set up partnerships between scientists across Europe in order to share knowledge and improve plant conservation. The ‘COST Action CA18201 Conserve Plants' project is supported by 37 different countries (65 institutions) and focuses on different aspects of plant conservation. 

As a partner institution, Meise Botanic Garden focuses on ex situ conservation. Our objectives are:

  1. to demonstrate the importance of an integrated approach (in situ + ex situ) for the conservation of species
  2. to investigate the quality and extent of use of material stored in seed banks
  3. to evaluate the genetic quality of ex situ collections compared to wild populations
  4. to analyse the current state of plant reintroductions across Europe
  5. to evaluate the potential of assisted migration for endangered species in Europe