Seasonal walk

The best of the season

Seasonal walk in the botanic garden

Nature is constantly changing. Every season, the botanic garden shines with a thousand lights. We have combined them into a beautiful walk for you. Ideal as a first introduction to the botanic garden. Pick up your leaflet at the entrance. 

The King Amaryllo treasure hunt for children

Join King Amaryllo for a treasure hunt! Children from 4-12 years old can discover the secrets of each season through a booklet with assignments. Enjoy your walk !

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Discover the surprising variety of colours and delicious scents of winter flowers.. This walk of 2.5km takes you through the Plant Palace and outside. Sturdy shoes required. Ideal to get a breath of fresh air!

Early spring

A carpet of forest anemones and primroses heralds the beginning of spring. The magnolias attract all the attention. Eye-catching colours will make you quickly forget winter on this 2.5km walk, partly on grass paths.


An explosion of colour in the Rhododendron forest and in the Rose Garden. You will also discover a piece of 'Wild Meise'. Spring is at its best, with the occasional hint of summer. The weather allows for a longer walk: about 3km. Here and there you will walk on the grass, so wear sturdy shoes!


Summer is the time to really enjoy nature. Tropical plants decorate the terraces and in the Culinary Garden everything grows in abundance. Go on an adventure with the children on the Amaze-Your-Feet Path. This is a walk of 2.5km.


It’s harvest time in the Culinary Garden, and colourful leaves and mushrooms can be seen everywhere in the Botanic Garden. It’s also the time to take a look in the WOODlab. This is a brisk walk of 3km, and at the end you’ll pick chestnuts!