Every season is a treasure hunt in Botania

Join King Amaryllo for a treasure hunt! He will show you all the secrets of Botania.

For children aged 4-12 years. 

Join King Amaryllo for a treasure hunt! He will show you all the secrets of Botania.

For children aged 4-12 years. 

Pick up your leaflet at the entrance. The King Amaryllo treasure hunt follows our seasonal walk. Fun to do together! The treasure hunt is included in the price of the entrance ticket.


Spring is the season of colours. In winter everything is grey, dark green, brown, black, and sometimes, when it snows, bright white. But in spring it explodes with colour outside.

It starts as early as February, when the hazel catkins show their yellow pollen, or the delicate snowdrops bloom. But once spring really takes hold, in April and May, Botania shows off its most vibrant colours. King Amaryllo will take you there!


Summer is the time of fragrant flowers and dry grasses. King Amaryllo is always busy: luckily the days are long. The plants bloom tirelessly and make seeds. There is so much to see now! Are you going on a summer adventure?


The plants in Botania are getting ready for a long, cold winter! They enjoy the last rays of  autumn sun and transform their leaves into a palette of glorious colours. In the garden you will find lots of fruits, seeds, and mushrooms. King Amaryllo will tell you all about it!

Winter adventures

In winter, the earth is dark and cold. Where are the plants that brightened up the summer? They wait deep underground, hiding in their roots and bulbs. The trees are resting, their branches bare and stiff in the wintry air. Seeds are waiting too; the smallest sign of spring lets them germinate. But there is still plenty to discover. King Amaryllo even takes you to the tropics!


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