High in the canopy


Epiphytes are plants that grow on other plants, mainly trees, without causing damage to the host tree. The diversity of epiphytes is enormous, ranging from microscopic algae and mosses to whole trees and shrubs growing on other trees. 

The most important epiphyte collections in Meise Botanic Garden are orchids, bromeliads, Araceae, Cactaceae, Peperomia, Hoya, Acanthaceae, and Gesneriaceae. Together they represent 15% of our collections under glass. Because each species has specific climatic requirements, the epiphyte collections are kept in different greenhouses that differ in temperature and dryness. Depending on the region of origin, some species also require a drier rest period. 

Since 2017, you can admire more than 450 different species from our rich tropical epiphyte collection in the Plant Palace. An adventure path takes you on a walk through artificial tree canopies full of colourful and unusual epiphytes.