All about mushrooms and fungi 

Fungi are extremely diverse and range from microscopic yeasts and moulds to macroscopic mushrooms. The research into them is done by our mycologists. The mycological herbarium contains about 160,000 fungi with a strong focus on Central Africa and the Benelux. They are among the most widely distributed organisms on earth and are of great importance for the environment and in medicine.  

Scientists of Meise Botanic Garden have always actively collected fungi over the years in the Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, and Bénin. These collections and the accompanying photographs are of great importance for taxonomic and systematic studies of the 'Fungus Flora of Tropical Africa'.

The focus of the research in the Botanic Garden is on the region of Central Africa, on the use of mushrooms by man and on the group of ectomycorrhizal mushrooms.  

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