Designed by nature

Wild Meise

In the 'Wild Meise' area, you will find woods which have been managed as forests for decades. Another meadowed area used to be a pond.  A small brook, the Machoechel, also flows through here. There are no botanical collections in this area, instead we let nature take its course. ‘Wild Meise’ is dedicated to nature conservation, and that is rewarded with a rich variety of flora and fauna.  

Here you can walk in peace and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer. In early spring, the snowdrops appear and the hazel tree steals the show. Then willow, wood anemones, primroses and wood violets take over. In May, the meadow turns yellow with buttercups. Around the Machoechel stream, all kinds of shoreline plants grow and bloom. In June, the wet grassland is the scene of wild orchids. Autumn is the time for mushrooms to shine.  In winter, lichens demand attention. Did you know that they are an indicator of a clean environment and good air quality?

Also pay attention to the insects you see. They are pollinators, they recycle organic material, and are food for many bird species and our bats. Some rare species have made their home in the Botanic Garden.