A Witness to a Rich History

Bouchout Castle

Our story begins in the 12th century with the Knights of Bouchout. The square tower which still stands today dates from that period.Later, the castle grew into a real fortress. The residents were nobles, who left their mark on Belgian history. Around the time of the French Revolution, the castle was thoroughly rebuilt. The castle grounds were transformed into an English landscape garden with exotic plants from the New World, ponds, and follies. You can still see a lot of these elements today. 

Almost a century later, King Leopold II's sister, 'Empress' Charlotte, the widow of Maximilian of Austria, Emperor of Mexico, moved in. In 1939, the Botanic Garden was established here. 

In the castle you can find a permanent exhibition about the history of the estate and its inhabitants. You can visit the dungeon and from the roof terrace you have a splendid view of the estate. Entrance to the castle is included in the entrance ticket to the Botanic Garden.