Storing algae in a dry place

Algae are a large and diverse group of photosynthetic organisms. Taxonomically, they belong to different eukaryotic branches. They range from single-celled micro-algae to multicellular macro-algae. They play an important role in many ecosystems, including in water, they form the basis of the food chain, and play a key role in the carbon cycle on earth. Some groups, such as diatoms, are important indicators of water quality. 

The herbarium of Meise Botanic Garden houses about 90,000 specimens of macro-algae, including the complete algae collection of the GENT herbarium. The herbarium also contains 35,000 specimens of diatoms, including the historical collection of Henri Van Heurck. (link to collectors) 

The algae herbarium is still growing. Our scientists collect specimens during their expeditions to all corners of the globe, from the South Pole to the tropics.

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