Science in the wild

Meise Botanic Garden encourages students to put their learning into practice. That’s why we offer students a reduced rate.


Meise Botanic Garden offers a specialized tour for Bachelor’s and Master’s students. First, they are given a presentation that provides a general overview of the different parts of the Botanic Garden and the research being conducted there. Then, scientists from the Botanic Garden elucidate on any 3 themes picked from the following list:

1) The General Herbarium: almost 4 million specimens for scientific research
2) The Belgian Herbarium: floristic research
3) The herbarium collection of alien and invasive plant species
4) The Library: 4.5 km of plant books
5) The scanning electron microscope
6) The research collection of the Rubiaceae coffee family
7) The research collection of the wild beans and the Seed Bank
8) The public glasshouses of the Plant Palace: 10,000 plant species, from Mediterranean to tropical
9) The open-air collections: 8,000 plant species from temperate regions
10) Wild Meise: the indigenous flora and fauna of the Botanic Garden
11) Cultivation and breeding zone for our living collections

Up to 90 students can participate in a student tour. They are split into groups of a maximum of 30 students for the optional subjects.

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