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Steven Janssens, PhD
Evolution - ecology

CONTACT : Steven Janssens +32 2 260.09.60

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Bart Van De VijverFor many years I am intrigued by the evolutionary patterns that shaped the world’s enormous biodiversity. With over 300.000 species, flowering plants are especially species-rich, only trailing insects in named species diversity, yet until now it is still puzzling how this huge angiosperm biodiversity originated.

As a result, I am especially interested in tracing evolution and speciation mechanisms in flowering plants using biogeography, diversification analyses, molecular phylogenetics, population genetics and bioinformatics.

Although I work on a wide range of taxa within flowering plants, my research is mainly focused on Rubiaceae, Balsaminaceae and Musaceae. Besides studying certain angiosperm families in specific, I also investigate the impact of general ecological and evolutionary patterns that could explain the earth’s current tropical biodiversity.