The wonderful world of plants under glass

The Plant Palace

Many of our collections don’t thrive in our climate. That’s why the Plant Palace was built. It is one of the largest and most beautiful publicly accessible greenhouse complexes in Europe.

Thousands of plant species have been planted according to their biome, the large vegetation zones of the earth characterised by their climate.

During your walk through the greenhouses, you will discover plants from the desert, the savannah, the tropical rainforest and more, and you will learn how they have adapted to their living conditions. You can breathe in the scents of the Mediterranean biome. One of the greenhouses is dedicated to the influence of mankind on plants.  The Evolution Greenhouse takes you on a journey through time and shows how land plants have evolved from millions of years ago to today.

In the Plant Palace the giant water lilies grow, the backdrop for our baby photo shoot each year. If you are lucky, the giant arum, the biggest flower in the world, will be in bloom for your visit.  

Entrance to the Plant Palace is included in the entrance ticket to the Botanic Garden. Be sure to set aside at least one hour to make the most of your visit.

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