Learning by doing

A range of workshops

Choose from 4 different workshops and go for the activity that best suits your goals and the age of the children. With fascinating stories and interactive assignments, our experienced animators will guide your students through the fascinating world of plants.

Our workshops last 2 hours and cost €105 for groups of up to 20 students. The entrance to the Botanic Garden is included in this price.

Class looking for a gardener

In this workshop children get to know the profession of gardener. They take a look behind the scenes of the Meise Botanic Garden, get to work with the spade and learn how plants are propagated and grown. Each pupil may sow a plant or cuttings. The plant may be taken to the classroom, where further development can be followed.

For whom? 1st - 2nd - 3rd degree

What did dinos eat? 

What did the world look like when the dinosaurs were still walking around here? And how did scientists discover that? In this workshop the children will work like real geologists with earth layers and fossils. They make their own 'fossil' and take it home with them. In the Plant Palace they discover what the very first plants looked like and how the plant kingdom has gradually evolved.

For whom? 2nd and 3rd degree

Seeds, plants of the future

You have been washed ashore on a desert island. From the ship's kitchen you have only been able to save some food. How do you make a vegetable garden that helps you to survive? The children discover what seeds mean for people and plants. They learn which seeds can fly or float on the sea. The children go home with some seeds in their pockets. In this way they can discover at school how new plants grow out of these seeds. 

For whom? 2nd and 3rd degree

The Desert

How can you survive in the desert? Animals can hide from the immense heat, but how do plants protect themselves? What tricks do grey earth cacti use, what are living stones and what does the mother-in-law's chair look like? The children learn that there are not only cacti growing in the desert, that there are deserts in all parts of the world and that it is not always very warm.

For whom? 1st and 2nd degree
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