Flora of Belgium

Meise Botanic Garden has a long tradition in floristic research in Belgium and Europe, and is currently coordinating the new edition of the Flora of Belgium. This Flora is aimed at botany students and scientists, as well as site managers and amateur plant lovers. It provides identification keys for more than 3400 vascular plant species and important data on their morphology, ecology, and geographic distribution, in Belgium and the surrounding regions. The new edition will be adapted to the molecular phylogenetic classification (e.g. APG IV), will include alien species well established in the studied territory, and will contain a few hundred new line drawings.

In addition to this scientific reference work, we have published a more popularizing work, the field guide of the wild plants of Benelux [link to webshop], including high-quality photographs combined with identification keys, distribution maps and short descriptions.

Meise Botanic Garden was also involved in the publication ‘Atlas van de Flora van Vlaanderen en het Brussels Gewest’ (Atlas of the Flora of Flanders and the Brussels Region). This publication is the result of 33 years of floral mapping by volunteers and professionals, and includes distributional data for 1417 species. The Garden also participated to the realization of the ‘Atlas de la Flore de Wallonie’ (Atlas of the Flora of Wallonia).