Group tours

Follow the guide!

Would you like to get more out of your visit to the Botanic Garden? Then we recommend one of our guided tours. During a walk of one and a half hours you will learn all about the plants you see, how we use them, the history of our garden, and much more. There is sure to be a tour to suit the interests of your group. 

We offer our tours in Dutch, French, English, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish, per group of 15-25 people.  

Worked up an appetite? You can also book a meal for your group in our restaurant

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The best of every season

Seasonal tour

Nature is constantly changing and the Botanic Garden blooms in every season. Early in spring the magnolias unfurl, followed by an explosion of flowering rhododendrons. In June, the rose garden is in full bloom. In autumn, fruits and autumn leaves steal the show. Even in the depths of winter there is colour. We have compiled all the highlights into a beautiful guided tour. Ideal as a first introduction to the Botanic Garden. 

Bad weather? Don't worry, the guide will adapt the tour accordingly. The Plant Palace, the Wood Lab, or the Castle - they all welcome you under their roof. 

Around the world in an hour and a half

Guided tour of the World Garden

The highlight of this tour is the Plant Palace. You will go on a world tour through all the greenhouses, from desert to tropical rainforest. Our passionate guides will show you how plants are adapted to the most extreme conditions around the world. 

This is the perfect tour for those times when the weather isn’t so good. Most of the tour takes you through the beautiful greenhouse complex. 

What would we do without plants?

Guided tour 'People and plants”

People need plants. We use them to feed, clothe, heal, create and build. This tour is not to be missed by hobby gardeners, do-it-yourselfers, amateur cooks, and anyone with a healthy dose of curiosity.

Our guide will lead you past scents and colours, through the Culinary Garden and the Wood Lab, and we will finish by admiring the beauty given to us by flowers. Discover the wonderful world of plants in a different way!  

Why are the paths sometimes straight and sometimes winding?

Historic Gardens' guided tour 

The Botanic Garden has a rich history, which is unravelled for you during this tour.  Our guide will take you through the various styles of European garden art. From a garden inspired by medieval times, through a formal garden with clean lines, to a romantic garden with undulating paths, surrounded by a 19th century English park landscape. 

You will see the traces of the past that have remained here and you will discover the rich history of the estate and its residents, as well as  its future.


Another perspective on The Botanic Garden 

Guided tour for the blind and visually impaired

A guided tour especially for people with a visual impairment, in a small group. The tour starts in the Plant Palace. You feel first hand the different climates in the greenhouses. You touch a palm tree and a carnivorous pitcher plant, you can smell the spices and scented pelargoniums. You will also explore a 3D model of the Plant Palace and relief maps of the world's climate zones. 

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