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Show people that you care and they might follow your example

Your adoption inspires others 

Has a certain plant stolen your heart? By adopting a plant, you contribute to maintaining our collection. It is a lovely way to show your commitment to nature. 

I would like to adopt a plant

Many of our plants are threatened with extinction in their natural habitat. Other plants have a special story or stand out because of their appearance. If you have a favourite plant, you can check here to see if we have it in our collection. No idea what to choose? Below are some plants that do not have an adopter yet. 

  • Adopting a plant is possible from €300 per year.
  • You will receive an adoption certificate as proof of your commitment
  • We will mention your name on a label next to the plant
  • We will also include your name in our annual report as a donor of Meise Botanic Garden 
  • After your payment, we ask you to send an e-mail with your contact details (name, and telnr.) to
  • We will then contact you quickly and choose a suitable plant together with you.

I would like to adopt a plant

Celebrate life and adopt a plant on the occasion of a birth or a wedding. Adopting a plant can also be part of the sponsor package of your company or organisation. The picture is complete when you find a plant that matches your product or company philosophy. We are happy to help you find it.

Interested? Let us know how we can make this beautiful gesture a reality together an dfill in the contactform.


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