Research scientist - Conservation biology
Department: Research
Specialty: conservation biology, evolutionary ecology,...
Research themes: 

Contact: Fabienne Van Rossum
Phone: +32 2 260 09 32

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My research covers conservation biology and evolutionary ecology disciplines that integrate ecological, genetic and demographic approaches. These involve genetic and demographic monitoring of fragmented and restored populations of threatened plant species, the study of pollen dispersal patterns (e.g. using fluorescent dyes), experimental evolutionary studies (cross and plant survey experiments), and population genetics using molecular markers.

I am currently particularly interested in understanding the evolution and reproductive isolation mechanisms leading to speciation in a context of phylogeographic history in Silene nutans (e.g. in collaboration with Pascal Touzet of University of Lille and with Nausicaa Noret of Université Libre de Bruxelles), and in the study of the key factors involved in the success of genetic restoration and rescue of populations of critically endangered plant species (e.g. Arnica montana, Dianthus deltoides, Campanula glomerata).

Research projects

LIFE herbages: Priority Actions for grasslands and meadows in Lorraine and the southern Ardenne

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