For garden lovers

A day immersed in the Gardens, their history and beauty

Meise Botanic Garden is a green treasure trove that has gone through all the gardening fashions of the past centuries. During your visit you get to know the history and the beauty of the Gardens, and you will also visit our recent rose garden: an example of modern garden architecture where you will discover the origins of our beloved garden rose. For the afternoon programme, you can choose between three fascinating gardens, each with their own special features.  

The programme:

  • 9.45: Arrival at the Botanic Garden, at the Empress Charlotte entrance, where an enthusiastic guide awaits the group.
  • 10.00: Our guide walks with your group from the Medieval Garden to the English landscape garden. Over a cup of coffee in the Castle, a glimpse is given into the history of our European garden art. The walk continues through the formal Castle Garden, past striking trees and follies.  
  • 11.30: The group boards the little train at the Hunting Pavilion for a ride along our beautiful Balat greenhouse and the Cronquist garden, towards the Rose Garden.
  • 11.45: A guided visit to the Rose Garden. 
  • 12.15: Continue by train towards the Orangery, enjoying the beautiful views.
  • 12.30: Lunch at the Orangery - a tasty salad or hot meal. More info 
  • 14.00: Walk to the exit (15min) and a visit to the Garden Shop.
  • 14.25: Departure to the afternoon location via personal transport.
  • 15.00-17.00: Guided visit of the afternoon site of your choice, with a local guide;
    • Coloma Rose Garden
    • Arboretum Wespelaar
    • Gaasbeek Museum Garden

Made your choice? You can find reservation info and rates here. The cost of the chosen lunch is included in the rate. 

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