A representative mix

Dealing positively with diversity and stimulating diversity within Meise Botanic Garden is both ethically, legally, and economically necessary. From these three angles, the Flemish government has opted for diversity in its workforce for years. Good results and visible progress can be shown, but there is still a long way to go and the challenges in the current context are particularly significant. Meise Botanic Garden contributes to this endeavour.

The main guidelines of our diversity policy are set out in the 2019-2024 Diversity Plan. We pay attention to the differences between people and consider it important to continue efforts in terms of the management of target groups. In this way, we avoid thinking in terms of ‘us and them’, and thus avoid exclusion and stigmatisation. Meise Botanic Garden strives for an inclusive approach in which employees are truly involved in the work culture.

The Diversity Plan is updated annually and activities are foreseen each year. 

Diversity Plan Meise Botanic Garden Meise (NL)

In addition to a diversity plan, Meise Botanic Garden also has a specific Gender Equality Plan (GEP). This plan responds to the need to develop more targeted and quantifiable actions to promote gender equality within our institution. 

This plan is a complementary part of our Diversity Plan, which focuses specifically on gender-related issues. At Meise Botanic Garden, we place great emphasis on the importance of a comprehensive gender policy, and we wholeheartedly endorse its principles and objectives.

Meise Botanic Garden, as a member of EURAXESS, also adheres to the EURAXESS charter for researchers and to the code of conduct for recruitment of researchers.