Requesting Loans

How does it work?

Requests for loans must be made to the Scientific Manager of the herbarium ( by the Head of a recognised herbarium or institute, who is responsible for the safe custody and return of the loaned specimens. When you submit a loan or information request, please define your request carefully.

Always indicate:

  • The name of the family (and the taxon). If it is relevant, include the synonyms, collection data, bibliographic references etc.
  • Amount of specimens
  • Other specifications such as country, barcode,...
  • Short description of why you want to study these specimens
  • Destructive sampling*: yes or no

Please bear in mind that historical and type material will not be sent. Exceptions can only be made after approval by the Scientific Managerof the herbarium.

Destructive sampling

Procedure for Requests

  • BR will only consider destructive sampling requests from recognised institutes. All requests for removal of samples should be addressed to the Scientific Manager of the Herbarium.
  • Requests should specify the type of material required and the nature of the research.
  • Approval for destructive sampling from BR herbarium specimens will be done on a case-by-case basis. The number of samples per request will be limited. If more samples are needed for research a co-authorship can be requested.
  • Evidence must be produced that DNA extraction has been successful from herbarium sheets in the group concerned, usually the genus.
    Nagoya Protocol Compliance: From 12th October 2014 plant material requested from BR may be subject to Prior Informed Consent from the country of origin. Any permissions and conditions of use will be advised before release and if there are any restrictions it will not be made available.
  • Each request must be accompanied by a signed ‘Conditions of Use’ agreement form; no material will be sent out until a completed ‘Conditions of Use’ form has been received.
  • Details of the sampling will be recorded onto the BR herbarium database and the herbarium specimens annotated. This will include the type of material removed, reference number, date of removal, name and institution of the person who requested the material.
  • The taxon, collector’s name, collection number, and barcode (if known) must be referred to when requesting and citing the voucher specimen.