The botanical journal DUMORTIERA publishes articles – in English, Dutch or French – on the flora and vegetation of Belgium and adjacent areas: vascular plants, bryophytes, lichens, algae and fungi. Themes that can be discussed include the changes in the indigenous and non-indigenous flora, revisions of ‘difficult’ or overlooked groups, keys as additions to Flora van België / Nouvelle Flore de la Belgique, results of field surveys, short communications, etc. Each manuscript is refereed before publication.

Editorial board: Filip Verloove, (editor), Ivan Hoste, Quentin Groom, Philippe Martin, Geert Raeymaekers, Benoît Toussaint, Wouter Van Landuyt.

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DUMORTIERA is published by Botanic Garden Meise and the Royal Botanical Society of Belgium.

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Numerous articles on non-indigenous plant species can be consulted in the bibliography of the website of the Manual of the alien plants of Belgium:

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