Wood: from tree to timber


Wood is nature's most plentiful product. It lives, it grows, it breathes, it adapts to  its environment, and it dies. It gives the tree strength and carries water to the crown. It is a remarkable thing. So versatile, in fact, that humans use it for just about everything imaginable. It is durable and environmentally friendly, which makes it the ultimate building material not just in the past, but for the future too.

Are you a schoolchild? A craftsman? An artist? A scientist? Or just a curious visitor? Be surprised in our WOODlab: with interactive activities you don’t have to just look, you can get involved too! 

The WOODlab is the ideal place to go in rainy weather. Access to the WOODlab is included in the entrance ticket to the Botanic Garden. Be sure to set aside an hour to fully make the most of your visit.