[Science News] - The Flora of Gabon now available in digital format

Wed 1 May

Great news! The complete series of the Flora of Gabon, from volume 1 to volume 58, is now available free of charge in PDF format on the Zenodo Open Access platform via this link!

Volumes 1 to 37 were already available in PDF via the library system of the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris. Now the entire series has been brought together in a user-friendly overview for your convenience.

Volumes 38 to 61 were published by Margraf Publishers, who agreed to make a PDF version of a volume available two years after publication. This means that we can now offer you new volumes every year. Each file is accompanied by detailed instructions on how best to cite this PDF version.

From 2024, the volumes of the Flora of Gabon will be published by Meise Botanic Garden. We will keep you informed.

We hope that this initiative will make the Flora of Gabon even more accessible and contribute to the advancement of botanical studies and research in this country.

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