[Science news] - Successful reintroduction of the brome of the Ardennes in Wallonia!

Fri 15 Jul

Today is positive news for nature conservation to which Meise Botanic Garden is very proud to have contributed: the “resurrection” of an extinct species! What's more, a species endemic to Wallonia, found nowhere else in the world! This is the brome of the Ardennes (Bromus bromoideus), an arable (crop-related) grass species once abundant in the spelt fields around Rochefort, Beauraing and Comblain-au-Pont.

It was last observed in the wild in 1935. Fortunately, our Botanic Garden had seeds in its seed bank, which raised hopes of one day reintroducing this brome in nature.

And that big day has arrived! Thanks to the close collaboration between the DNF (Walloon Region), Natagriwal, Meise Botanic Garden and two organic farmers, and after multiple preliminary steps to ensure the feasibility of the project, the species was successfully reintroduced in a spelt field in Ciney.

A press conference took place on July 15, attended by Sandrine Godefroid, who led this project for the Botanic Garden, and the various partners. This success is a concrete example that demonstrates the usefulness of our seed bank for projects to save endangered species. Long life to the brome of the Ardennes!

> Read the press release of the press conference (PDF, in FR)