Share your best story from the Botanic Garden

Wed 1 Jun

This year, the Botanic Garden celebrates its 225th anniversary. And that rich past deserves to be celebrated. We will be doing so, for example, in the exhibition Treasures on glass in the Castle, for which we pulled a unique collection of historical images from our archives. 

But Meise Botanic Garden is more than that. Your love for the Botanic Garden helped make us what we are today. A world-class botanical garden! That is why we are looking for your stories and your best memories of the Botanic Garden. Did you kiss your lover here for the first time? Did you say goodbye to someone dear? Were you one of the babies on our giant water lilies and is that photo still special to you?

We collect the most beautiful photos and stories in our digital birthday album. Send us your most special photo (along with your name and the year in which the photo was taken) at or post it on Instagram with #225jaarplantentuin. We would love to hear your stories!

The girl in the photo is Lieve. It is 1958 and the Botanical Garden is about to be officially opened. She is holding the pillow with the scissors that will be used to cut the ribbon. Extra special: Lieve's father, Laurent Luypaert, worked in our Botanical Garden for no less than 40 years! 

225 jaar Plantentuin Meise - MyAlbum