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Fabienne VAN ROSSUM, PhD

CONTACT : Fabienne Van Rossum +32 2 260.09.32

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Sandrine GodefroidMy main research concerns the study of vascular plant diversity in Belgium and Europe, especially focusing on (1) the study of the key factors implied in the conservation of fragmented populations of rare or declining plant species (e.g. population genetics, connectivity through biological corridors, pollen dispersal), and (2) evolutionary ecology and genetics (adaptive radiation, phylogeny and phylogeography) in the context of taxonomical revision. My main model species are Silene nutans (e.g. in collaboration with GEPV lab of University Lille1), Primula species (in collaboration with VUB), and Sempervivum funckii var. aqualiense. We have also investigated plant-pollinator interactions and pollen flow in fragmented populations of four rare fen and bog species (FRFC-FNRS project, with Univ. Mons and UCL). I am also implied in practical conservation projects, in particular in Belgian Lorraine, comprising vegetation monitoring and population genetic rescue studies (LIFE+ 11NAT/BE/001060; partners: Natagora, NBGB, DEMNA and DNF -DGO3-SPW).

As member of the "GT Atlas Flore" (DEMNA, AEF, NBGB, Ulg Gembloux Agro Bio Tech), I contribute to the atlas of the Flora of Wallonia ( by realising floristic inventories and supervising the digitisation of the old IFBL flora checklists (1930-1991) present at the NBGB. These data will be used for analysing the changes in Flora distribution in Belgium and Northern France (Retroscen project of University Lille1; partners: NBGB, INBO, DEMNA, CBNBailleul, Univ. Mons).

I am also responsible for the coordination of the "New Flora team", working on the next (7th) edition of the "Nouvelle Flore de la Belgique (...)", which amongst others will be adapted to the molecular phylogenetic classification (APGIII).