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Conservation Officer

CONTACT : Sandrine Godefroid +32 2 896.60.62

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Sandrine GodefroidI am dealing with the development and improvement of research activities related to plant conservation. This mainly concerns the Belgian flora, but also other floras in which the Botanic Garden is specialized (Europe and Central Africa). In this context, I aim to improve the quality of our collections at the seed bank, the only one in Belgium to focus on wild plants. This implies a continuous evaluation of existing collections, the preparation and implementation of a program to collect seeds of all endangered Belgian species, and the acquisition of new equipment.

I am particularly interested in making the link between in situ and ex situ conservation. In this framework, reintroduction or reinforcement of populations from endangered species is an example of conservation project I am developing. I am also responsible for the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation in the Botanic Garden, ensuring that the scientific activities of the institution are consistent with the objectives of this strategy.