The Botanic Garden in times of corona: News, frequently asked questions and tips

This page has all relevant details regarding the measures in place, answers to frequently asked questions and plenty of tips. 

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Due to COVID-19, access is only possible on presentation of a pre-booked e-ticket via our website for a specific time. Tickets are not for sale at the entrance itself. We look forward to welcoming you.

The ‘info’ department is reachable by e-mail ( and by telephone (02 260 09 70). All other departments are reachable by e-mail .

Frequently asked questions 

We have received quite a few questions. Below are answers to the ones most frequently asked. 

I bought a ticket for a specific time slot. When should I report at the ticket booth?

You may arrive at the Botanic Garden for up to half an hour after the time specified. If you have a ticket for say 9:30 am, you may report from 9:30 until 10:00 am. Bring your entrance ticket and, if applicable, your valid subscription or discount card with you.

When my time slot is over, do I have to leave the domain?

The time slot you indicated has nothing to do with the length of your visit. You must arrive within the hours of the time slot, but you may stay as long as you wish, until the park closes. We do not ask you to leave the park at a specific time. This way we want to ensure a maximum spread of visitors.

How long may I stay in the Botanical Garden?

You may stay as long as you like, but the gates close at 5:00 pm!

Can I renew my subscription or buy a new one?

Yes, but only online for the time being. The e-ticket counts as your provisional subscription.

Can I come on another day with my ticket, because they have predicted rain or I have something else planned?

The Botanical Garden has in recent years invested a lot to have an all-weather offer; with sufficient indoor experience. You can spend some time in the Plant Palace, the WOODLab, the Castle, the expo in the gallery of the Herbarium; don't let rain stop you from visiting the Botanical Garden. So we don't exchange or refund tickets.

Should I bring a face mask to the Botanical Garden?

Yes, as it is mandatory to wear it in all indoor areas (Plant Palace, Wood Lab, Castle, Herbarium Gallery, toilets, Orangery, Library and Garden Shop) and outdoors in busy areas.

Am I allowed to sit down on a bench or on the grass for a rest?

Resting on a bench and sitting on the grass is allowed. As long as you keep a safe distance from third parties. 

Is my child allowed to bring its scooter? Or a ball?

The practising of sports is not allowed inside the Botanic Garden. Anything on wheels must be parked at the entrance, except for wheelchairs, push chairs or small starters bikes with stabilisers for toddlers.

Am I allowed to bring / have a picnic?

Picnicking in the grass or at the picnic tables is allowed as long as you keep a safe distance from third parties.

Am I allowed to the Botanic Garden as part of a group?

Group visits are possible up to 10 people, with mandatory wearing of face mask.

Is the Garden Shop open?

The Garden Shop is open but only 5 people are allowed to visit the shop at the same time. The web shop is available 24/4.

Attention: Wearing a face mask is mandatory!

Is the Orangery open?

The Orangery & its terrace are closed. 

Are toilets available?

Toilets will be open. The toilets will be cleaned several times a day. The taps are activated by infra-red sensors to promote hygiene. The toilets at the entrance are NOT open to visitors. They are intended solely for staff.

Do you have wheelchairs available to be used on-site?

Wheelchairs are available. They will be disinfected after each use.

Can I visit the WOOD lab?

Yes, the WOODlab is visitable. There is disinfectant gel available at the entrance.

Attention: Wearing a face mask is mandatory!

Can I walk around inside the greenhouses (Plant Palace)?

Yes, but daily from 10.30 a.m. onwards. There is disinfectant gel available at the entrance.

Attention: Wearing a face mask is mandatory!

Can I visit the Castle?

Yes, the castle can be visited: until January 17th 2021 you can visit the exhibition 'Sansevieria Fibre Art'; you can also visit the roofterrace.

Attention: Wearing a face mask is mandatory!

Is the Verwonder-je-Voetenpad (Amaze yourself Footpath) open?

Yes, the Verwonder-je-Voetenpad is open: don't forget to bring a towel to dry your feet.

Is the King Amaryllo Summer Trail available?

Yes, the King Amaryllo Trail is available.

Can I bring my dog?

No, leave your pet at home! Only guide dogs have access to the Botanical Garden.

Are the toby wagons available?

No, the toby wagons are currently not available.

Will you remain reachable now that you are closed?

Yes, you will still be able to reach us. You can ask your questions via or via 02 260 09 70 and our social media channels. All other departments will remain reachable by e-mail.

 Will the workshops continue?

Workshops for up to 10 people will continue under the strict condition that a mouth mask is worn. 

What about my membership?

As the Botanical Garden was closed for two months, you could not exercise your rights as a subscriber. To make up for the lost time of your subscription, we have extended all subscriptions by 3 months. For those who have a "new" card (white background with green botanical design), this was done automatically. If you have an "old" annual card (with name and expiry date on the card), you can simply add 3 months to the date mentioned.

Is there anything I can do to support the Botanic Garden?

Please be sure to visit us , as we would like nothing better than to welcome you back. Until then however, we have a few suggestions:

Looking for a good book? Check out our webshop. You will find many interesting books about the plants at the Botanic Garden. Think you will be able to recognise any plant on a future visit? That sure sounds like a great challenge. 

You can also make a donation.  All donations go towards the tourist development of the Botanic Garden, biodiversity research, conservation and many other projects.

Or why not ... adopt a plant! Our Plant Palace is home to a huge collection of fascinating plants from all climate types around the globe. Many of these are rare or under threat of extinction in the wild. Adopting a plant see you do your bit to maintain biodiversity for the future generations and contribute to the daily care of our 18,000 plant species.

Tips to beat boredom:

The Botanical Gardens at their (virtual) best.

While waiting for your visit, or just because you like it, we would like to virtually bring the Botanic Garden to you. How? Via Facebook: Botanical Gardens Meise, and Instagram: @meisebotanicgarden. In doing so, you get to enjoy spring at the Botanical Gardens, the season when the garden is positively glowing. Check it out now and discover our beautiful plants. 

We always love seeing your beautiful spring photos. Be sure to post using the hashtag ‘#meisebotanicgarden’ so that everyone can enjoy them. 

Doe Dat

Due to the corona measures, our scientists are trying to work from home as much as possible. Many of these scientists consult the herbarium - a collection of almost 4 million dried plants - on a daily basis for their research.

Meise Botanical Gardens has spent the last two years scanning this gigantic and valuable heritage collection. However, we need your help the digitise the data on these plants:

You can help us enter this information at will enable  any scientist (from anywhere in the world!) to consult the collection for their research. By the same token, you get to learn about our rich Belgian flora! Sounds like a win-win, right? 

Find more at the website above, or click the tile below.


Feeling a little bored in these strange times? Or are you suddenly feeling the urge to bring out your creative side? We have just the thing for that. 

Our botanical illustrators delved into their collections and came up with some beautiful black and white drawings. You can download these drawings and colour them in, thereby bringing the Botanical Gardens into your own home, to be admired for a long tome to come!

King Amaryllo

Do not worry, we have not forgotten the kids! Under the slogan: “Botany is everywhere”, King Amaryllo will come to you! Below you will find drawings from Botany. You are sure to pass the time with that!

! This applies to all drawings: © Plantentuin Meise