Scientific (virtual) mobility: opportunities to visit us or other scientific institutes


Meise Botanic Garden offers unique opportunities for scientific visits and virtual access to its collections and facilities in the framework of the SYNTHESYS + project.

SYNTHESYS is a network of European top Natural History Institutions and Botanical Gardens

Scientific visits (Transnational Access, TA)

Access is provided to:
• European collections comprising more than half of the world’s natural history specimens
• world class libraries
• state-of-the-art facilities including imaging, chemical, and molecular laboratories
• support from in-house scientists, including researchers, facilities staff, and collections managers

Participants are selected on the basis of scientific excellence of the proposal by a review panel. Typical duration is from 1 to 6 weeks.

Call 3 for TA is now open - deadline for applications 16th April 2021 (17.00 UK time)

Access offered at Meise Botanic Garden :
Possibilities of joint applications with Belgian partners:

Virtual access (VA)

The VA programme gives researchers an opportunity to propose a collection to be digitised by the holding institution for the wider benefit of the collections community. A successful VA proposal will mean the organisation will use SYNTHESYS+ funding to digitise their own collection via their own digital workflows. 

The VA programme offers researchers:

  • The chance to make the case for why a collection should be digitised for the benefit of the global research community.
  • All collections data will be open access, and freely available to anyone, anywhere.
  • The chance to work with digitisation teams across TAF organisations, as part of a 'Digitisation on Demand' (DoD) model of digitisation.

Call 2 is now open, and closes on 21st May 2021 (17.00 UK time). Deadline for contacting VA Coordinator(s) is 30th April 2021.

How to apply?

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