The Castle: atmospheric and unique

Bouchout Castle

Bouchout Castle is an attractive and unique setting for seminars and meetings. Located at the heart of Meise Botanic Garden, it has plenty of peace and quiet and an abundance of green, but is easy to reach and is close to the capital of Europe.

The castle dates back to the 12th century and was once the home of Charlotte, Princess of Belgium and Empress of Mexico.

The authentic rooms are furnished with modern facilities and offer numerous possibilities for parties and events. The castle is fully equipped with wireless internet.
It also features various meeting rooms for groups of up to 140 people.

We are happy to organize the rooms according to your wishes and needs. You can read more about this in the technical sheet.


Download technical sheet

The Armory

The Armory is a long, unfurnished space, equipped with suspension systems and lighting for, among other things, exhibitions. Perfect for a walking dinner, reception, or exclusive dinner!

This room can be darkened. The use of the reception area is included in the rental price.

The Gothic Room

The Gothic Room is next to the Armory. It is usually used by the caterer: he sets up the buffets here, or provides service for large groups. This room can also be booked separately for smaller groups or as a workshop space.

 The Brabant Room

A newly furnished meeting room on the first floor. It can be darkened and is equipped with projection facilities.

The Honour Courtyard

The courtyard of the castle can be hired for receptions, always in combination with the Armory.
A marquee can also be placed here to receive larger groups. Barbecues are permitted under certain conditions. Contact the rental team for more information.

Salon de Beauffort

A smaller, square meeting room for 25 people in theatre style, or 15 people in U-formation.

The Conference Room

An auditorium with a maximum of 140 seats.
The Conference Room can be darkened and is equipped with sound amplification and projection facilities.
The meeting infrastructure is included in the rental price.

 The White Salon

A smaller, round meeting room without dimming and without fixed furnishings.
We can provide meeting infrastructure on request.

The Empress Salons

Two charming smaller meeting rooms without dimming and without fixed furnishings. They are adjacent to each other and can also be hired as a lunch space.
We can provide meeting infrastructure on request.

The Rooftop Terrace

There are breathtaking views of the Botanic Garden from the beautiful Roof Terrace. A unique spot for receptions!

The Kitchen

You can hire our fully equipped kitchen in combination with the Armory, the Gothic Room, and the Empress Salons.


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