Coffee in the spotlight

A day dedicated to coffee

Meise Botanic Garden has a passion for coffee. Are you also addicted to a steaming cup of coffee? From 1 July 2021 to 18 April 2022, there is a coffee exhibition in our garden that tells you all about it. To make the experience complete, we offer a special package for the duration of the exhibition.

The programme:

  • 10.15 : Arrival at the Botanic Garden, at the Empress Charlotte entrance, where an enthusiastic guide awaits the group. 
  • 10.30: Guided visit to the coffee exhibition in the Vlaamse Hoeve, walk to the Orangery (15min)
  • 12.00: Lunch in the Orangery - a tasty salad or hot meal. More info 
  • 13.30: Travel by train to the Plant Palace.
  • 13.45: Guided tour of the Plant Palace: 'in search of the coffee plant’, walk to the Pachthof (10min) and end with a delicious coffee (tasting). Walk to the exit (15min) and a visit to the Garden Shop.
  • 16.30: End of the visit. 

Made your choice? Booking info and prices can be found here.