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Clavija cauliflora

We are the only Botanical Garden in the world to have this very rare plant in its collection. Every year beautiful flowers appear from the stem. When the plant flowered for the first time we discovered it was the only known female specimen in the world.

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Plant Palace, Tropical rainforest

Kwango giant cycad (Encephalartos laurentianus)

The Kwango giant cycad was discovered in 1902 in Central Africa by a former colleague working for what was then the State Botanical Garden. Our specimen is a direct descendant of the first plant ever to be discovered. Seedlings of this extremely rare and difficult to grow plant were sent from Belgium to botanical gardens all over the world.

Plant Palace, Tropical rainforest

Titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum)

The titan arum has, over the last 10 years, become our major attraction. In its natural habitat, the rainforests of Sumatra, the population is under severe threat of extinction. The plant has been given the nickname of ‘stink flower’ because of the pungent rotting flesh odour given off by the female flowers to attract pollinators. Every year the large bulb is taken out of its pot, weighed and given new compost and fertilizer.

One of our titan arums has already found a patron, the others not yet.

Plant Palace, Anthropogenic biome

Giant water lily (Victoria cruziana)

Giant water lilies need lots of space and a large volume of warm water to grow properly. Due to our climate, these plants can only be admired in botanical gardens. Because the plant cannot survive our short winter days, it must be regrown from seed every year. The pond is drained, cleaned and the compost layers refreshed. Once the plants are sown, the water level is gradually increased.

This plant has already found a patron.

Plant Palace, Tropical wetlands