Give a hand

Become a volunteer at the Botanic Garden

Do you love plants with all of your heart? Becoming a volunteer in the Botanic Garden is a fantastic way to increase your knowledge about plants, meet new people, and share your expertise with others.

Do you want to join our team as a volunteer?

Register for an info meeting for candidate volunteers via the registration form.

More info on volunteering in the Botanic Garden: 

Still not convinced?

We have volunteers of all ages. Green fingers or a scientific background are welcome, but certainly not required. And we can use your help all year round, both on week days and during weekends.

• You can roll up your sleeves in the greenhouses and gardens: repotting, planting, weeding ...
• You can guide visitors, man a booth during events, carry out surveys …
• If you are a handy do-it-yourselfer, you can help with the construction of our events.
• You can assist in the herbarium or you can help one of our researchers with a specific task.

You’ll work together with experts from the Botanic Garden. If necessary, we can provide you with guidance or training.

Thank you for your commitment

Quality and customer-friendliness are of paramount importance to Botanic Garden Meise. We expect the same from our volunteers and we count on you spending regularly a half or full day for a period of at least 3 months.

As a volunteer, you will get free entrance to the public parts of the Botanic Garden for yourself and 3 people who can accompany you. In addition, you’ll receive some special benefits:

• Invitations to lectures, New Year’s reception, staff barbecue, ...
• 3 exclusive discovery activities per year
• 20% discount on all items in the Garden Shop
• 20% discount on workshops or courses organized by the Botanic Garden
• Meals in the staff canteen at the employee rate
• 10% discount in the Orangery
• Transport allowance


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