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Discover the Botanic Garden in the capable hands of an enthusiastic guide? Choose from our fascinating tours and get even more out of your visit.
You can also book a meal for your group.

If you would you like to combine your visit to the Botanic Garden with another attraction in the area, then why not take a look at our packages.

We offer our tours in Dutch, French, English, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Spain.
A tour takes approximately 1.5 hours.


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Season's highlights

NEW! Available from 1 April 2021

To visit Meise Botanic Garden is to enjoy plant growth and blossoms, fragrance and colour, opulence and variety – at any time of the year.

This tour will take you through what is most beautiful in that season.  An ideal formula for those who visit the Botanical Garden for the first time.

The World Garden

NEW! Available from 1 Arpil 2021

The World Garden takes you to the Plant Palace, a giant glasshouse complex. There, you travel through the most important biomes on earth from the rainforest to the desert. You get acquainted, up close, with the awe-inspiring wealth and variety in the plant world. The common thread is adaptation: how plants all over the world have adapted to their environment in the course of evolution.

An Historic Garden

NEW! Available from 1 April 2021

At Meise Botanic Garden you journey through ten centuries of garden history. From a medieval inspired garden, via a formal garden to a romantic garden, surrounded by a 19th century English park landscape.

You also get acquainted with the eventful history of the domain and its owners. Such as Charlotte, Princess of Belgium and Empress of Mexico, who lived in the castle for almost half a century.

Plants and people

NEW! Available from 1 April 2021

People cannot live without plants. They have been a part of our culture for thousands of years. We use them as food and medicine. We build houses with them. We extract countless fragrances and dyes from them. And, of course, we enjoy their beauty.

The brand-new WOODlab also fits in this theme — the only place in the world where you can learn everything about this practical yet extraordinary material.

The Botanic Garden

Available until 31 March 2021

This tour gives you a general view of the Botanic Garden. You’ll visit the Plant Palace and some of our open-air gardens. You’ll learn about the history and the working of the Botanic Garden. The ideal formula for first-time visitors.

The Plant Palace

Available until 31 March 2021

In the glasshouses of the Plant Palace you’ll get acquainted with plants from warmer regions throughout the world. Here, you’ll see cacti, giant water lilies, palms, and much more. A guide talks about the fascinating ways in which plants adapt to their environment: the rainforest, the desert, the savannah...

The Botanic Garden for the blind and visually impaired

A tour especially for people with a visual impairment. You’ll touch a palm tree, a carnivorous plant, or a water hyacinth. You’ll experience the different climates in the greenhouses. And you’ll explore the 3D model of the Plant Palace and relief maps of the climate zones on Earth.

Open-air collections

Available until 31 March 2021

Do you like gardening? Then this tour through our open-air collections is totally your thing. All the plants here are winter-hardy, so there is something to see the whole year round. Pull on your boots and go in search of the dwarf chestnut trees or the snowdrop tree.

Medicinal plants

Available until 31 March 2021

A fascinating tour in which you’ll get acquainted with dozens of plant species that supply medicinal substances, from homeopathic remedies to anti-cancer medicines.

Wild Meise

Available until 31 March 2021

A large part of the Botanic Garden is managed as a natural biotope. Here, indigenous orchids grow, deer roam around, and streams babble. All sorts of lichens and mushrooms are found throughout the Botanic Garden, some of which are very rare. It’s also wonderful to see the spring bloomers.

Sturdy shoes recommended!

Behind the scenes

Available until 31 March 2021

Take a look behind the scenes. Which plants are the Botanic Garden’s scientists researching? What does a herbarium look like, and what is a gene bank?

This tour is only offered on week days.

There’s music in it

Available until 31 March 2021

There is music in wood … you just have to get it out! It’s surprising how many parts of musical instruments are made from wood: guitar necks and bows, but also organ pipes, tuning pins, piano keys... Boxwood, bamboo, snakewood, plumwood, and gourds are all use to this end. A tour that hits all the right notes!

500-million-year evolution

Journey back in time and discover how plants have been able to survive on land for 500 million years – from primeval bacteria to algae, club mosses and horsetails to the flowering plants that have colonized our planet so successfully.


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