The collection of living plants

Our collection of living plants contains more than 30,000 accessions. These represent approximately 18,800 taxa, which corresponds to about 6% of the known species of vascular plants.

Our collections come from all over the world. You can admire them in the open air and in our greenhouses, where we care for them, cultivate them, and cherish them.

We show parts of our collection to the public, we use them for scientific research, or we preserve them for the future. We are particularly strong in a number of important subcollections: the coffee family, cacti, spurges and other succulents, bromeliads, palm ferns, conifers, oaks, magnolias, maples, and rhododendrons, to name just a few.

Are you looking for a specific plant? You can check whether it grows in our garden by filling in its scientific name at 'Search the Living Plant Collections'.