Meise Botanic Gardens constructs new car park

Mon 6 Feb

In February 2023, work began on the construction of a new car park opposite the main entrance of Meise Botanic Garden, to make it easier for visitors to park in the future. 

This car park will mainly be constructed on a piece of grassland. Some trees will have to be cut down during the work, but most will be retained. New areas will also be planted. As a result, there will end up being more trees and shrubs than before; trees will even be planted in the car park to ensure that it is discrete and blends well into its surroundings.

Furthermore, a green buffer will be created along the A12 highway to reduce air and noise pollution caused by traffic. 

Meise Botanic Garden is also committed to promoting soft mobility. The provision of public transport will be strengthened in the future. In addition, new secure bicycle racks will be installed in the car park and a bicycle service point to charge bikes or make minor repairs. A plus for the many cyclists who explore the region by bike.

Download the pdf here